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  legal design consultancy





The future of user experience is visual design.

By visualising contracts and legal products, the new design will make it more accessible, useful and understandable for the user.

We offer Visual and Legal Design services to companies and organisations which aim to deliver effective legal documents, communications and products to their staff and clients to improve the provided services.


The best way to master Legal Design Thinking is to practice it and discover the techniques and tools. We offer workshops that are tailor-made for each lawyer, association or legal professional.

Change your mindset and learn about the impact of applying Design Thinking to Legal problems.


Create more value and demand on your legal services by focusing on legal innovation and visual design to create documents, new tools and deliver services.


When legal professionals collaborate with persons from other disciplines, better client solutions will be obtained. Improved problem solving can be created by combining legal expertise with the mindset and process of human-centred design.

The Design Lab demonstrates this innovative problem-solving approach in practice. We teach Legal Design Thinking at educational institutions in English, French, Spanish and Dutch.

Contact us for Design Thinking projects.     


To complete the innovation workshop, management participants can benefit from executive coaching by a certified coach to acquire skills and increase performance.

Successful lawyers and senior level executives surround themselves by an executive coach that provides resources and helps to design an action plan to reach professional and personal goals.

Embrace a new way of thinking and find real career satisfaction.            


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